DiMarzio Area T Bridge Pickup, Black

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We believe the and are a major step forward in the performance of hum-canceling Strat?•¬® replacement pickups. The research and technology that went into these models has allowed us to make a similar advance with Telecaster?•¬® replacement pickups. The Area T‚Ä??£¬¢ Bridge does what a great Tele?•¬® bridge pickup is supposed to do: the highs sing, the lows snap, and the mids have a punch that‚Ä??õ¬™s almost unreal.

The most instantly obvious quality of the Area T‚Ä??£¬¢ Bridge Model is dynamics. The Area T‚Ä??£¬¢ tracks changes in pick attack and volume, and it does it instantly. It‚Ä??õ¬™s also very sensitive to string distance. The volume is very high when the pickup is close to the strings, but can be adjusted much lower by backing the Area T‚Ä??£¬¢ away. String pull is not a problem with the Alnico 2 magnets that are standard on the Area T‚Ä??£¬¢.

Specs Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 2
Output mV: 175
DC Resistance: 7.50 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 2007

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