Caroline The Blues Overdrive Pedal

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The Blues pedal from Caroline Guitar Company is designed to enrich your setup with authentic rusty blues tones. Don't let the pedal's simple design fool you—it may only have two knobs and a single switch, but as it turns out that is just enough for coating your heart-melting soulful blues licks with the right spices. The left knob controls the output level of the pedal, and the right knob aka "Grit" controls the gain. The switch lets you alternate between two modes: Vintage, and Modern Vintage. Moreover, on the inside of the pedal there Caroline installed a small trimpot labeled "Crystal Lettuce" that sets the collector voltage of the BC108 transistor for fine tuning minimum gain, and the overall maximum range of the device. It is tuned for a well-rounded response right out of the box, but you are free to experiment to customize the character of the pedal to your liking.

The Blues pedal is a real find for anyone trying to get as close as possible to the classic tone of one of the most loved genres of music, and this is not a joke.


  • Transistor based overdrive with a uniquely "blues" character
  • Dedicated Output and Grit Controls
  • Vintage and Modern Vintage overdrive modes selectable by two-position switch
  • Handmade in USA

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