Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Series Screaming Blonde

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Screaming Blonde =  Fender-style +‚ÄàTube Screamer-style

Range of Character Settings:
‚Ģ Below 12 o‚Äôclock are in the Black and Silver Face family. When clean, there‚Äôs a soft midrange with a nice top-end sparkle. Driven, the tone moves to a warmer low-end breakup.
‚Ģ Around 12 o‚Äôclock brings you into Blonde territory with more of everything ‚Äìmore lows, more mids and more highs.
‚Ģ Above 12 o‚Äôclock moves things into the Tweed era with a pronounced midrange bark.
‚Ģ Full up gives you lead boosted tones.

Independent Scream Section Features:
‚Ģ OVERDRIVE to adjust the overall amount of drive. Highly interactive with the level of your guitar.
‚Ģ TONE with specialized voicing for adjusting the high-end and mid-range.

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