Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Series English Muffy

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English Muffy = HiWatt-style + Big Muff-style

Range of Character Settings:
‚Ģ Below 12 o‚Äôclock yields clean, classic HiWatt-style tones.  
‚Ģ Nearing 12 o‚Äôclock brings you into crunchier territory associated with ‚Äò70s Who-style tunes such as Who Are You, Baba O‚ÄôRiley, and We Won‚Äôt Get Fooled Again.
‚Ģ Above 12 o‚Äôclock accentuates upper mids for Gilmour/Floyd-style leads.  
‚Ģ Full up may cause your mate or your lead singer to flee the premises, which could be desirable in certain circumstances.

Independent Muff Section:
‚Ģ SUSTAIN to adjust the overall amount of fuzz.
‚Ģ TONE is a very musical, specialized passive tilt EQ, based on the original ‚Äò60s stompbox design

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