Seymour Duncan TS 2s Triple Shot Les Paul Set Black

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The Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Arched Switching Pickup Mounting Ring Set is a clever, low profile way of expanding your guitar's wiring options for tonal versatility.

This set contains two pickup rings that are curved on the bottom and flat on top for attachment on Gibson Les Paul style carved/archtop guitars and the bridge ring is taller than the neck ring. The humbucker mounting rings have two small switches built into the ring which can select between series/parallel operation or split the humbucker to select either of the coils (likewise when used with a Seymour Duncan P-Rails you can select either the Hot Rails coil or the P90 coil). The switches are on the bass strings edge of the ring so you have easy visual identification of the current switch position and can quickly change them on the fly and having the small switches built into the ring means they are a low profile and completely reversible, no drilling your beautiful guitar top to install extra toggle switches. Installing the Triple Shots is quick and easy as they come with a simple PCB that already has the switch wires and output wires soldered to it, you just need to solder the colour coded wires from a four conductor Seymour Duncan pickup to the labelled pads on the PCB and then solder the output wire to your guitar's controls (other brands of pickups can use different colour wires for the coils so you will need to know that brand's colour codes to convert it, for Seymour Duncan the black wire is the north coil start, white is north finish, red is south coil start and green is south finish). To further extend your tonal options the two output wires from the PCB can even be reversed to change the phase of the pickup and so by wiring this to a separate switch (e.g. push/pull pot) before the controls you can have switchable phase as well. These will fit standard humbuckers (covered or uncovered), P-Rails and uncovered trembuckers.


  • Triple Shot can switch a humbucker or P-Rails between series/parallel or select between either coil
  • Set of two curved bottom, flat top pickup rings for carved/archtop guitars like a Gibson Les Paul
  • Bridge ring is taller than the neck ring
  • Low profile switches keep the look of your guitar intact
  • Completely reversible mod, no drilling for extra toggle switches
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to simple PCB (labelled for Seymour Duncan pickup wire colours)
  • Requires four conductor pickups
  • Phase switching is also possible if the PCB outputs are wired to a push/pull pot or other switch
  • Fits standard humbuckers (covered or uncovered), P-Rails and uncovered trembuckers

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