Seymour Duncan Pegasus Bridge, Black

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With the rise of Progressive Metal, Seymour Duncan wanted to voice a new bridge pickup specifically for prog and modern metal players who needed plenty of aggression but required enhanced dynamics, more harmonic richness and defined string separation so individual notes don't get lost in the mix. The Pegasus uses an Alnico 5 magnet and custom designed coils for balanced tone and moderate output. Huge chords and complex arpeggios are equally perfect. The Trembucker model is designed for guitars with slightly wider string spacing at the bridge such as those equipped with a Floyd Rose system.

Complete setup
Bridge only. Designed to be matched with the Sentient neck.

Best with bright to semi-warm woods (from Maple to Korina) with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.


Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Keith Merrow, Jason Frankhouser

  • Cable: Four conductor
  • DC Resistance: 12.5 k
  • Resonant Peak: 5.18 KHz
  • Magnet: Alnico V

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