Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Multistage Distortion + Boost

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Seymour Duncan Diamondhead

Diamondhead is a Multistage Distortion + Boost pedal that captures the tone and feel of a hot-rodded tube amp being pushed by a drive or boost pedal ‰ÛÒ the guitar sound that defined classic 70s and 80s Metal and Hard Rock.

Three powerful active EQ controls maximize the potential of the gain section. A tightly defined bass control boosts and cuts at‰Ûø80 Hz, with surgical precision ‰ÛÒ making the low end huge, but never muddy. A broader mid-range control set right at‰Ûø800‰ÛøHz allows for massive scooped chunk, hyper aggressive modern attack, and everything in between. And the Treble control, set at 6 kHz, adds sizzle, cut, and attack.

The‰ÛøSAT‰ÛøSwitch‰Ûø(based on our 805 Overdrive) adds a 24dB pre-gain boost that tightens up the low end for more aggressive and defined attack. Subtly rolling off lows and highs, it allows the mid-range to cut through, creating chewy, harmonic saturation.

Independent from the Drive section, the Boost (activated with the left footswitch) offers 0 to 15 dB of available gain and can be used as a lead boost or to push an amp on the edge into overdrive. Try using it with a slightly dirty amp as the first gain stage and adding the Drive section for your highest gain sounds.

Diamondhead‰Ûøalso shines as a pre-amp. By running it into the effects return of your tube amp, or in front of our‰ÛøPowerStage‰Ûøpower amps you‰۪ll be rewarded with a hot-rodded high gain amp tone with body, bite, and character.

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