sE Electronics X1 S Vocal Pack

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The original X1 had a single low-cut filter (at 200Hz) and a single attenuation pad (-10dB). Though the inclusion of these features were enough to give it an edge on the competition, we decided to make the mic even MORE useful this time around - so we doubled both.

The new X1 S now has two low-cut filters, with carefully chosen frequencies of 80Hz and 160Hz, which dramatically increase its tone-shaping capabilities and usefulness on a greater variety of voices and instruments. With these passive filter options, you can now reduce unwanted low frequencies with greater precision than before.

The X1 S also has two attenuation pads, at -10dB and -20dB. This provides an increase in dynamic range and SPL handling, taking the max SPL from 135dB (with the original X1) to a truly massive 160dB - more than enough to handle the loudest of brass instruments or percussion without overloading your connected mic preamp or interface. This means much less distortion and much more sound.

All the essentials for the start of a great recording chain, including sE's simple but highly effective metal pop shield.


  • X1 S microphone
  • sE Isolation Pack (with pop shield)
  • 3-meter mic cable

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