PandaMidi Future Impact V4 Bass/Guitar Synth Pedal

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Future Impact V4

Welcome to arguably the most revolutionary synthesizer effects pedal there is!

Our Future Impact V4 harnesses all the power and versatility of some of the best and best-loved keyboard synthesizers and squeezes it into a small and portable stomp-box pedal format, making those wonderfully inspiring and sometimes other-worldly sounds available to all instrumentalists.

You now have in your hands the means to create and play classic synthesizer sounds like those heard on recordings with the most revolutionary bass gear that was ever designed on the planet. The Future Impact V4 is an incredibly versatile pedal, and the range of sounds it is capable of producing is quite staggering. In addition to producing synthesizer sounds such as basses, leads, and pads, it can function as an octaver, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, envelope filter, traditional wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, etc., and even has a built-in tuner. As such, it can potentially replace a whole pedalboard of dedicated single-effect pedals. To drive external synthesizer gear, your played notes are outputted on CV/Gate.

You may already be familiar with our previous Future Impact versions. With our very powerful signal processor, the pedal is able to replicate the various oscillator, filter, amplifier, and envelope generator blocks found in classic synthesizers. In addition, it contains signal processing blocks more traditionally used for processing the sound of an instrument, such as a harmonizer block and audio effects like chorus, distortion, and EQ. These architectures complement each other in a very flexible way.

  • New, improved 32-bit A/D/A converters provide extremely high-quality sound with low noise.
  • CV/Gate output to drive analog synthesizers accurately from either audio or MIDI input.
  • Sturdier knobs made from solid metal for longer life.
  • Parameter dial now has an extended range for more sound variations.
  • Superior pitch tracking offers further reduced latency and increased sensitivity.
  • Oscillator sync opens a completely new sonic world by creating harmonically complex sounds.
  • On-pedal edits can be saved into patch data.
  • Long release gives the full ADSR cycle for the audio-triggered sounds as well.
  • 63 new Flexi curves.
  • On-the-fly octave transposition.
  • Full midiBeam 4Control integration.
  • Fresh editor software look with improved workflow.
  • On-screen mod wheel within the editor software.

More facts you should know:
  • Any of the 99 user programs can be edited by the user on a desktop computer editor (Windows and Mac OS X versions are available). Programs can be saved, loaded, and archived on the computer through the MIDI connectors. A free library software will be downloadable from our web page, and a sound program sharing service for the user community.
  • Software updates can be uploaded into the FI through MIDI IN. While the FI contains all the basic features listed here at the time of the product launch, software updates will not only include bug fixes but also new features implemented partly on requests and ideas of users. These updates will be free of charge for all registered FI owners.
  • Since FI includes a fully featured analog modeling synthesizer, it is possible to use it as a monophonic synthesizer module, driving it from a keyboard controller or a computer through MIDI IN.

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