PandaMidi Solutions Future Impact v3 Bass/Guitar Synth

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PandaMidi Solutions Future Impact v3 Bass/Guitar Synth Pedal

Welcome to arguably the most revolutionary synthesizer effects pedal there is!

Our Future Impact v3 harnesses all the power and versatility of some of the best (and best-loved) keyboard synthesizers and squeezes it into a small and portable stomp-box pedal format, making those wonderfully-inspiring and sometimes other-worldly sounds available to all instrumentalists.

You now have in your hands the means to create and play classic synthesizer sounds like those heard on recordings with the most revolutionary bass gear that was ever designed on the planet.
The Future Impact v3 is an incredibly versatile pedal and the range of sounds it is capable of producing is quite staggering. In addition to producing synthesizer sounds such as basses, leads and pads, it can function as an octaver, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, envelope filter, traditional wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, etc. and even has a built-in tuner. As such, it can potentially replace a whole pedalboard of dedicated single-effect pedals.

You may already be familiar with the Future Impact I. With its very powerful signal processor it is able to replicate the various oscillator, filter, amplifier and envelope generator blocks found in classic synthesizers. In addition, it contains signal processing blocks more traditionally used for processing the sound of an instrument such as a harmonizer block and audio effects such as chorus, distortion and EQ. These architectures complement each other in a very flexible way.

But Future Impact v3 goes far beyond that. While its hardware is identical to that of the Future Impact I and it is capable of hosting all the same sounds, the new software provides practically unlimited new possibilities for sound designers and players:

  • With the aid of the four Flexi Controllers, the flagship feature of the Future Impact v3, the parameters of a sound can be altered in real time using a range of control sources (LFOs, envelopes, etc.) all under the full control of the player;
  • There are 10 new LFOs - including saw, square, triangle and sample-and-hold types;
  • The filter and volume envelopes can be configured to be full ADSR;
  • The Future Impact v3 is not restricted to being used only with bass - it can be configured for optimal performance with bass, guitar, keyboard or the AKAI EWI;
  • Unlike on the original FI, the three effects blocks (equalizer, distortion and chorus) can now be used simultaneously;
  • There is an oriental scale tuning for EWI users;
  • An online patch sharing application provides hundreds of patches shared by the community.

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