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Proco RAT - The Most Influential Distortion Pedal

In 1978, the Proco RAT, invented in Kalamazoo, MI, became the most versatile and influential distortion pedal of all time. Its creators, Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly, wanted a pedal that offered overdrive, distortion, and fuzz, which didn't exist in mainstream product lines like MXR, DOD, and BOSS. After perfecting the circuit in 1979, the Proco RAT's impact on the guitar's sound became history.

The PackRat - Tribute to 40+ Years of Rodent Evolution

The PackRat is the ultimate tribute to over 40 years of rodent evolution and its impact on guitar sound. Part of JHS' Multi-Mode pedal series (Muffuletta and Bonsai), the PackRat uses a unique digital runway system to direct 261 components through 40 switches. This results in fully analog circuits that replicate nine legendary or rare modes, including aging components for authentic tones. Purchasing these nine pedals on the used market would cost around $4,000, making the PackRat's $249 price quite reasonable.

PackRat Controls:

  • Volume: Adjusts the overall pedal volume.
  • Distortion: Controls the amount of gain or distortion produced.
  • Filter: Brightens or darkens the overall effect with a low-pass filter.
  • Mode: A stepped pot to choose from the nine legendary circuit versions.

PackRat Modes:

  1. The OG (1979-1983)
  2. White Face V3 (1984-1986)
  3. Turbo V6 (1989)
  4. Dirty (2004)
  5. LA (1986)
  6. Landgraff MOD (1999)
  7. Caroline (2010)
  8. JHS Mode

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