Hughes & Kettner Ampman Modern Floor Amplifier

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Hughes & Kettner‰۪s all-analog Spirit Tone Generator is now available in a compact pedal format. AmpMan Modernå«s two distinctive channels each embody an entire era of legendary guitar tones, served up by the built-in 50-watt power amp or the integrated Red Box AE+. With connoisseur tone-shaping capabilities, impressive power and a comprehensive set of professional features in a handsome little box, AmpMan is the go-to solution on stage, at home and in the studio.


Two strictly analog channels with fully independent controls
Channel-tailored Boost
Switchable, serial FX loop
Powerful tone control that sweeps from British to Californian flavor
Presence and resonance power amp voicing to bring out the best in your stomp boxes
Unique sagging control that lets you dial in sweet power amp saturation at any volume
Master volume plus switchable solo volume
Built-In IDB noise gate
Red Box AE+ DI-out with 8 cabinet simulations that delivers studio quality tone straight to desk
Stereo Aux-In lets you jam to play alongs an makes in-ear monitoring is an exercise in convenience
Adjustable stereo headphones out
Integrated 50 watts Ultra-Response power amp


Making the most of ever square meter inside the chassis, AmpMan is as small as it needs to be yet big enough to hold a treasure-trove of tech, features and sound. On top of that, it‰۪s a real powerhouse with plenty of juice to rock even a 4ÌÑ12‰Û_ speaker cab.

All that musical might comes courtesy of the specially developed Ultra Response power amp. Cranking out up to 50 watts of deliciously dynamic power, its punch and feel rivals that of any similarly rated tube power amp. It sends every single watt to the speaker with that spine-tingling dynamic response intact and translated into impressive sound pressure. And the Ultra Response power amp stays true to its musical character even at an all-out roar.


For almost 40 years, we‰۪ve been exploring the origin of the tonal magic of tube amplifiers more and more deeply. And what became obvious is this: it‰۪s about way more than just the tube. The true tonal magic emerges from all the ‰Û÷weird‰۪ dynamic interactions between the single circuit sections and the amp stages, the transformers and the speakers.

Together, these highly complex and dynamic physical phenomena create that rich, organic and tactile sound experience guitar players are looking for.


POWER OUTPUT: 50 watts @ 4 Ohms, 25 watts @ 8 Ohms, 12.5 watts @ 16 Ohms
CHANNELS: 2 fully independent channels
NOISE GATE: IDB (Intelligent Dual Breakpoint) Noise Gate
BOOST: Channel-tailored Boost, switchable
SOLO CONTROL: adjustable 0 t0 +6 dB, switchable
FX-LOOP: serial, switchable

Mic/Line-level, XLR-balanced
Cab types:
1: 1ÌÑ12‰Û_ Modern Thiele Port
2: 2ÌÑ12‰Û_ Modern Front Port
3: 2ÌÑ12‰Û_ Vintage Open Back
4: 4ÌÑ10‰Û_ Alnico Open Back
5: 4ÌÑ12‰Û_ Vintage Cab
6: 4ÌÑ12‰Û_ British Cab
7: 4ÌÑ12‰Û_ Modern Cab
8: 4ÌÑ12‰Û_ American Cab

AUX INPUT: Mini jack, 3.5 mm stereo
PHONES/LINE JACK: 3.5 mm stereo, 50 Ohms
SPEAKER OUT: 4 to 16 Ohms
DIMENSIONS: (W X H X D) 250 x 52 x 153 mms
WEIGHT: 1.150 g
DIMENSIONS POWER SUPPLY: (W X H X D) 129 x 32 x 52 mms

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