G7th Heritage Guitar Standard Neck Width Capo, Stainless Steel Style 3

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In the world of capos, the G7th Heritage Standard Capo stands out in the crowd. This brilliantly designed, innovative capo represents years of research and design strategy. With G7th's patented Adaptive Radius Technology, the Heritage capo actually adapts to the unique radius of your guitar, eliminating the two most common issues that arise with capos: fret buzz from too-little tension and strings that are bent sharp from too much tension. This beautiful hand-polished steel capo fits perfectly at the nut position of your standard, modern, and pre-War-style dreadnought neck guitar and slides up and down the neck easily with just a twist of the adjusting knob on the back.

The Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) of the Heritage is really quite simple and ingenious. Located in the top bar behind the string pad, this technology allows the string pad to adjust to each string individually as you tighten the capo down. The thicker, lower strings require slightly more tension, while the thinner higher strings require less. With ART, the string pad "senses" this difference and applies pressure accordingly for a more even, customized fretting. Goodbye buzz; so long sharps!

G7th Heritage Standard Capo Features:

  • Brilliantly innovative yoke-style capo for modern and dreadnought-style guitars slides up and down the neck effortlessly
  • ART technology eliminates buzzing and out-of-tune strings
  • Silicon neck pad and silicon side guards protect the finish on your neck

Tech Specs:

  • Made For: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturer Part Number: G7HTGG3S-U

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