Fishman AFX Pocket Blender Mini A/B/Y + D.I.

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The Ultimate A/B/Y Pedal with Endless Mixing Options!

A level-adjustable A/B pedal. A built-in DI output with ground-lift. A boost pedal. An output Y-splitter. A two channel mixer. The AFX Pocket Blender is the ultimate A/B/Y pedal combining essential tools:
1. A/B/Y output to split a signal or connect to one or two stage amps
2. Input Mixer that lets you continuously adjust the level of audio source(s) connected to the TRS input
3. D.I. output featuring Fishman’s balanced line driver circuit can be used to send to a house PA or amplifier
4. Input Selector functionality for switching between two sources/instruments
5. Mode switch determines the overall behavior when the footswitch is pressed
6. Clean Boost functionality

This is the classic Pocket Blender in a small footprint. Without even touching the A/B features, it’s a mini two-channel mixer allowing you to connect two audio sources and blend them together. This is perfect for dual-source systems such as Fishman soundhole pickups that feature a mic or body pickup.

Build on the simple blender by setting up an “A mix” and a “B mix” where pressing the footswitch toggles between one mix and the other. You could balance your onboard pickup (50%) with your onboard mic (50%) on mix A. Then on mix B, which you use to take solos, you could boost the pickup to 75% while leaving the mic on 50%. All with a single stomp of the footswitch.

And it’s not only an A/B pedal with a mixer, it is the heart of Fishman’s unique AFX Dual Path ecosystem. By using common TRS audio cables, you assign effects on either tip or ring signal paths and essentially switch between two ‘scenes,’ each with mix levels you control.

AFX Pocket Blender can also serve as a Y splitter, taking a mono source and redirecting it to two different outputs, either one at a time or simultaneously.

AFX Pocket Blender features:
• Essential I/O Toolbox: A/B/Y, Input Mixer, Input Selector, and Boost Functionality
• Balanced D.I. Output with Ground Lift
• Innovative Dual Path Routing
• Super Compact Design Fits Almost Anywhere
• 9V External Power Required (sold separately)

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