Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set

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Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set

Acclaimed pickup guru Tim Shaw engineered Fenders V-Mod Telecaster pickups using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. Voiced specifically for each position and carefully designed for top-notch tone that modern players will love, the pickups in this set are calibrated for the best possible performance whether used solo or together.

To bring out the musicality and tonal nuances of these pickups, we used the inherent characteristics of various alnico formulations to achieve the best blend and balance along the neck, in any switch position. Alnico 5 under the bass strings offers detailed low end while alnico 2 under the treble strings adds warmth and clarity to the neck pickup; the bridge pickup is powered exclusively by alnico 5 magnets. Each pickup has vintage-style warmth, and the crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend.

Model Name: V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set
Model #: 0992267000
Dimensions: 1.50x4.75x4.90 IN

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