Fender J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster Pickup Set

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To honor the sonic legacy of alt/indie rock founding father J Mascis, Fender is proud to introduce the new J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster Pickups. Mascis took the Jazzmaster into new sonic territory with his feedback-drenched, distortion-laden band, Dinosaur Jr. and on solo records, influencing countless artists and tone seekers to follow.

The J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster Pickups are primed for fuzz-infused walls of sound or gentle vintage cleans. Constructed with alnico 2 magnets and wound to J’s specifications these pickups offer are a modern take on his signature Jazzmaster tone. The alnico 2 magnets lend to a warmer tonal palette than most Jazzmaster pickups and respond great to drive and fuzz pedals.

Bobbin Material: Fiber
Cover Color: Aged White
DC Resistance: Neck Pickup: 7.27K, Bridge Pickup: 7.31K
Inductance: Neck Pickup: 3.6 Henries, Bridge Pickup: 3.7 Henries
Lead Wire: Cloth-covered
Magnet Type: Alnico 2
Magnet Wire: Enamel-coated
Pole Pieces: Flat
Configuration: SS

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