Eventide Powermini Expander Kit for Power Max

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PowerMini EXP the expander kit for PowerMax.

PowerMINI EXP is a compact, isolated power supply that ensures your pedals will achieve maximum fidelity.

PowerMini provides 2 outputs switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18V up to 660mA; 2 9V/660mA outputs; weighs only .5lbs and 1 inch high.

PowerMini can be used stand alone or as an expander for PowerMax via the 24V aux output with the supplied cable or non-polarized DC input socket accepts any power supply from 9-24V DC or 9-12V AC.

(AC power supply not included).

Includes 5 flex cables and includes the 24V cable to connect PowerMini to PowerMax.

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