DOD Bifet Boost 410 Pedal with Selectable Buffer

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Loud and clear. The DOD Bifet Boost 410 has the tone and volume to boost your solos into orbit. New for the DOD Bifet Boost 410, is a selectable Bu!er On/Off toggle switch. This switch gives the Bifet Boost the flexibility to be used anywhere in your FX chain. Use it first in the chain with the bu!er off so that the bu!er won’t a!ect fuzz pedals, or put it last in the chain with the bu!er on to counter the signal loss of today’s larger packed pedalboards. True bypass allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when the DOD 410 is o!. This is a big difference from the original which would color your bypassed tone. The modern 9V DC power supply input make the pedal more pedalboard friendly.

  • Based on original DOD Bifet Preamp 410 circuit design with updated components
  • True Bypass and new crisp blue LED status indicator 
  • Lighter aluminum chassis
  • Modern 9V DC power supply input

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