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Xotic BB Preamp v 1.5 PedalXotic BB Preamp v 1.5 Pedal
Xotic BB Preamp v 1.5 Pedal
Sale price$172.00
Xotic RC Booster Classic 20th Anniversary Pedal
Xotic SL Drive Mini Overdrive Pedal
Xotic Soul Driven Overdrive PedalXotic Soul Driven Overdrive Pedal
Xotic Super Sweet Booster Mini Boost PedalXotic Super Sweet Booster Mini Boost Pedal
Xotic X-Blender Wet/Dry Signal Blender Pedal
Xotic XVP-250K High Impedance Volume Pedal
Xotic XVP-25K Low Impedance Volume Pedal
Xotic XW-1 Wah Pedal
Xotic XW-1 Wah Pedal
Sale price$268.00

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