Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Reverb

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The Most Authentic Classic Reverbs Ever Produced by a Pedal

Engineered and developed by the acclaimed team at Universal Audio, the UAFX Golden Reverberator pedal boasts powerful dual-processor architecture for the most sonically authentic Spring, Plate, and Vintage Digital reverbs ever available in a stompbox.

From the dense sound of 1950‰۪s studio plates, to tube-driven spring reverb of classic 1960's guitar amps and endless algorithmic wonder of vintage digital reverbs, Golden Reverberator gives you three perfectly-emulated classic reverbs in a beautiful effects pedal that‰۪s built to last decades.

Three Classic Reverbs, Expertly Captured

Spring 65:åÊThree "golden unit" spring reverb tanks, pulled from classic 1960's American guitar amps.

Plate 140:åÊThree vintage German plate reverbs, captured at the iconic Record Plant studio.

Hall 224:åÊA trio of perfectly modeled late-1970's digital reverb algorithms.

Bonus Effects:åÊFree Vintage digital Plate and Chamber 224 reverbs, downloadable at registration.

  • Flagship reverb emulation pedal with powerful dual-processor UAFX engine
  • Three classic reverb sounds, with available modulation on each effect
  • Simple Live/Preset modes for instant recall of your favorite sound
  • Additional downloadable effects by the world-renowned UAD algorithm team
  • True or buffered bypass,* spillover/tails, silent switching
  • Analog dry through, stereo/dual mono operation
  • Classic UA analog design and craftsmanship, built to last decades

  • Power requirements: Isolated 9VDC, center-negative, 400mA minimum**
  • Inputs: 2 x å_‰۝ TS (input 2 for stereo connections)
  • Outputs: 2 x å_‰۝ TS (output 2 for stereo connections)
  • USB Type-C for updates via computer

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